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Dear Mr. Minatel,

I didn't say anything about errors in the book, just about errors in the examples. Book is just support and I don't pay special attention to errors in it. My post was just the last drop in a full glass, because I am constantly having this kind of problems. It's not just about this book. I will just mention ASP.NET with C# authored by M. McDonald (Apress), which failed to explain some very important hard-to-understand parts of Data Binding, as well as failing to provide correct examples for some very complex tasks. Of course, there is D. Flanagan's JavaScript, having no examples integrity and not working JavaScript-ActionScript communication examples. I think that would be enough, but I will sent you the full list of such books, if you want.
I didn't refer to any kind of obligation or contract when I contacted you. I just thought that if someone invite you to participate in forum for this book at the beginning of this book, then he should stick to that and prove he really meant it. I also had evident proof that I was being ignored.
I am not aware of the fact that there are other forums similar to this, but I know, since I read many books on programming, that most of the authors provide support sites. Because this is my first post, I can't say if there are forums like this one.
Again, I didn't say anything about errors in the book, so errata doesn't mean anything to me. This is programming, not philosophy, and I am really interested in examples here. As I said in replies to Mr. Zakas, I will upload all examples from the book (PHP, JSP, ASP.NET) on rapidshare or similar (if I have the right to do this ???), so you will have a chance to see if I was lying.

You can be sure that you will have my participation here in order to prove I didn't talk with no arguments.


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