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He posted this in, as well, and uploaded the actual file there.

From my remarks in that forum:


Yep, exactly as predicted. It is a UNICODE FILE!

All you had to do was open it in NOTEPAD and then do SAVE AS... and Notepad would have shown you that it was going to save it as Unicode by default. Meaning that it *is* a Unicode file to start with.

Now go read the docs on Scripting.FileSystemObject.OpenTextFile:

See what it says there?
Optional. One of three Tristate values used to indicate the format of the opened file. If omitted, the file is opened as ASCII.
So now change your code to do
this_file = FileObj.OpenTextFile(Server.MapPath("mediaeasy.xml"),1,false,-1 );
Voila! It works.

Note that to write the text back OUT as Unicode you will need to read the docs for CreateTextFile (or use OpenTextFile and overwrite).
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