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Default Any ideas on how I can present this nicely?


I have a gridview and one of the columns is called description. Of course this field could get very long and right now I can have about 36characters with no spaces before my grdiview would start go out of the areas I want them to.

If they have spaces then maybe word wrapping will kick in but I am wondering anyone knows any better ways of doing it.

What I was thinking of was somehow cutting of the amount of the description and making that amount shown as a hyperlink or something. When pressed something would popup(not a new window though) and would have the full description but I don't know how to do this.

First I have to hide all the description in a way I can retrieve easy or I need to use ajax to query for that description on click.

So anyone have anyideas or any tips how I could do something like this? Or a better way of doing what I want to do?