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Dear Mr. Minatel,

I can't reply to your post in my second thread, so I will do this here. I already said everything I wanted, but there are couple of minor things. I haven't used any offensive word because I noticed you did. If problems I was facing were simple, then why Mr. Zakas failed to answer them in his last post? I haven't noticed that he solved any of three problems. Furthermore, he stated that he doesn't have a solution at all for second and third problem. I will tell you now that JSP out Object should be used instead of JSP response Object. I also provided good explanation of how to figure out the difference between these two object. When I stated that I lost three days on this it didn't mean literaly three days, I did other things in those three days - walking, sleeping, eating, playing guitar (hard solos only), but I did lost a good amount of time on this.
I won't write here anymore, simply because you insulted me. You could have left all those words marked as edited. I wouldn't mind.
About noticing on threads/posts. I doubt that any of authors isn't informed by mail when someone posts in forum of his/her book.
Two more things. Someone might notice that two of my posts are edited (it stays that I edited the post). It was just about grammar, since I'm not native english speaker. I haven't changed the meaning of any of my posts at all. For instance, in second post in this thread I wrote "because I constantly having", so I added "am" which was missing. In the second edited post in my second thread I haven't edited anything after someone answered. I just wanted to say that in order to avoid possibility I was hiding something. I also edited this post.
Second thing is that even I won't post here anymore, I am willing to send the list of all the errors for all examples if anyone asks for that. Please just write on forum FOR THIS BOOK, put some contact information and I will do as I promised.


PS: This what happened is not something that makes me happy. Only special things can make me happy. Live performace of Led Zeppelin, when R. Plant said "does anybody remember the laughter", Layne Stayley's live and studio performance (hard-to-sing songs only) and similar . Programming is just a regular thing, it's nothing special.
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