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Default Password Protection and Other Items

Hello All. Here's my issue

I have a spreadsheet, a portion of which is shown below. All of the columns in the worksheet have an auto filter. I want my analysts to be able to filter any and all of the columns. However, I only want them to be able to edit column c. I want Columns A and B to be password protected; because only the administrator of the worksheet should be able to edit these columns. In sum, how can I

1. lock columns a and b, (password protect it for the admin to update these columns)
2. leave c open for editing
3. Have all users filter the rows (but I still want A and B locked).

Keep in mind that the first row has header fields (No, Type and Price respectively)

No. Type Price
11 cat 5.66
23 dog 6.33
35 mouse 8.99
45 rabbit 6.77
5 snake 6.66

Thanks in advance!!


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