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I don't think the original post was a sideways slant on VB as such, purely a headscratch moment pondering the merits of 'following up' a highly succesful title (based in c#) with one leaning twds VB. I too question whether i'd buy into it as eagerly as i did the original. Of course, that is based on my language bias as all my projects are c# based (ironic really as i came from a vb6 background!).

I don't know what the 'audience' stats are re language division, but i'm sure these guys will have researched that and found that for the target audience, over 50% are VB users (at least that's what i expect has happened). It's kinda weird (and maybe a UK thing) but 90% of the job ads here for .net devs are targetting c# as the requirement, so quite interesting to see that in the US it's the other way around - i hadn't appreciated that until now.

anyway, good luck with the sales (in the uk at least ), tho' i'm sure the actual paragraph text and content will be language agnostic.