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Ok, I should probably head this off at the pass before it turns into the C# vs VB.NET debate! =]

I did not imply that C# and VB.NET were the same, I simply said that you gain nothing by using one language over the other since they both ultimately compile down to IL. Now I would whole heartedly agree that C# enjoys much more market penetration (thus more job openings for C# developers) than VB.NET since, in .NET's infancy, recuriters, IT Mangers, and so forth likened C# to C++ and VB.NET to Classic VB which will all know to be false.

The reason I disagree with your statement of it being the choice of "professionals" is because it implies that VB.NET is something of a "hobby" language which it isn't. As was the case with jimi's and Steve's locale, the number of C# job openings in my area (NE US) far out weigh VB.NET job openings.

Next, and this is an assumption since I have no involvement in this particular iteration of the book (check out the MVC version though!), I would imagine that the authors will call out and major differences between the languages when necessary.

Finally, as Avraham pointed out, its all about personal taste and what you are comfortable with. Personally if I am reading an article that uses VB.NET as the language throughout but need to apply the theory to C# I have no problem with this and don't feel there is a loss of comprehension just because the language is different. Again, this is my personal style and what I am comfortable with but it surely varies from developer to developer.

I will bring this thread to Jim's attention so he can provide some feedback from the Wrox side of things.

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