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Originally Posted by jiang View Post
Hi, Doug

I looked through the implementation, looks like to be good at mvc you have to

1. A proficient Javascripter, preferably jQuery
2. Lose all the goodies the drag-and-drop custom controls offered to us in Web Forms (no gridview, no validators for free); you have to hand code all of those with html and javascript. (that's why TDD is so much needed in MVC; in web forms we don't have to test if gridview or validators have bugs, they are written for us by the good fellows in Microsoft; they are debugged and componentized for us to use for free. Now, I have to do all of that on top of the business logic programming; I guess I need to ask for a big pay-raise :)
Is this correct? No controls? No GridView? Is this temporary till the final release is out, or by design and permanent? FUD?