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Originally Posted by jimibt View Post

I don't think the original post was a sideways slant on VB as such, purely a headscratch moment pondering the merits of 'following up' a highly succesful title (based in c#) with one leaning twds VB. I too question whether i'd buy into it as eagerly as i did the original. Of course, that is based on my language bias as all my projects are c# based (ironic really as i came from a vb6 background!).

I don't know what the 'audience' stats are re language division, but i'm sure these guys will have researched that and found that for the target audience, over 50% are VB users (at least that's what i expect has happened).
It was not at all intended as a punch at the VB language. I can't see why they don't just make it available in two versions. Of course i am aware of that it all comes down to money. But i think it would bee a profit maximizing thing to do for wrox, because as i stated in my earlier post, i don't believe that C# people will by this book if it is only made available in VB.

Originally Posted by jimibt View Post
It's kinda weird (and maybe a UK thing) but 90% of the job ads here for .net devs are targetting c# as the requirement, so quite interesting to see that in the US it's the other way around - i hadn't appreciated that until now.

anyway, good luck with the sales (in the uk at least ), tho' i'm sure the actual paragraph text and content will be language agnostic.
It's certinately not only a UK thing. The same applies here in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia as well.