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Default New to Code...Help!

I am new to using code in Access, always used features in design mode. I have managed to pull a couple things off and make my way through some of this code, but one thing is holding me up. I have a form "frmISMci" that I have inserted a "add new record button" on. This has the effect of saving the current record and adding a new record. The only thing is, before the record is saved and a new record is added I would like an event procedure that would require certain fields to be "is not null" before the record is saved and in the case that certain fields are null and the record cannot yet be saved a message box esplain to the user that they must input a value for a given field. So for the save button there needs to be an event procedure "On click" that essentially tells the user the must fill out the given fields before a record can be added and the current saved. I realize I can use the required option for the fields, but that will only tell the user "you cannot go to the specified record" if left blank. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks so much. -Justin