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I try to read Jeff Atwood's Coding Horror blog as fast as he posts them (3-5 times a week).

I also agree with Lee about VB and the switch to C#; and did so myself after many years for much the same reason. For many years Microsoft touted VB as the most used language with some 5 million users world wide, of course this included hobbyists and probably VBA as well; and was prior to the release of .NET 1.1, since then I've never heard them mention VB in this manner.

Yes, there is still projects being done in VB and VB.NET, but they are becoming fewer and fewer all the time, while those done in C# are becoming the standard. When I first got into database programming it was with Foxbase on a Macintosh 20 years ago. I quickly realized that Windows was becoming the standard so made the switch from Mac to Windows. Now that C# is becoming the standard I've made that switch too. It isn't religious fervor, it's economic reality.

Which I think leads back to the original question of this thread, why bring out the TBH MVC book in VB rather than C#. While it's been stated that the author is "more comfortable" in VB Wrox also has many good C# authors available and could have made C# a requirement. That this did not happen, I think, is more a business decsion than anything else; and only they, and maybe Amazon, know the sales numbers of their VB vs C# books.

I will more than likely buy the MVC book when it comes out, but I will also be buying Pro ASP.NET MVC 1.0 too, which is in C#. If you want you can download the first chapter by Scott Guthrie as a PDF and work through a simple step by step MVC project (code also available on line). That's what I started late last night.

Good Luck