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Originally Posted by Imar View Post
Like, you know, the members and roles are stored in the database. Like, in the various aspnet_* tables. Like when you sign up for a user (like using the Login control) you get a record in, like, you know, aspnet_Users and in aspnet_Membership.

Like, maybe you are looking at the wrong database? Like you think you create them in one, but they end up in the App_Data folder of your website?

Like, all in all, the data for the Membership services *is* stored in the aspnetdb.mdf database by default (located in App_Data). Like, however, it's possible to change this location. Like this means you should find Users, Roles, Profile, Personalization and more in the database for your application.

Like which database did you check?

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(Like, sorry, I couldn't resist)
Ya this is what happened I did not set up a custom role provider so roles where being generated in the default aspnetdb and the other stuff was being generated in my customer table.