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Talking An appreciation and a critique.

First of all, i am sorry about my English, it is very bad...

An appreciation and a critique.

Thanks, your work is incredible. I love, your book is great, i love it. And the topics it covers, very funny.

I own the first version of the book, BOOK: Beginning PHP, Apache, MySQL Web Development.
The first time I read it I liked it, and I learned a lot, was my first contact with PHP, Apache and MySQL.
The second time I read it, I learned even more as i had the basic knowledge by reading it previously. And I enjoyed it much more, it was more funny in this second reading. Wonderful.

Now I'm going to read again, and there is something that I really don't like it. And so I have a critique to the teachers. Now that students have basic skills.

I little critique in the MySQL code, and more specifically the absence of relationships between the tables of databases. In chapter nine, you explain relational databases. And foreign keys ...
In your book, we use a database composed of tables without any kind of relationship between them. The relationship between them is in SQL queries. But the tables in the database do not have any relationship with each other.

Now the student, wants more, i need it . I need foreigns keys, i want a real database, a relational database. Too difficult?

Hopefully, for the third edition.

Sincerely, Juan. Sorry about my English.