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Originally Posted by Lee Dumond View Post
  1. Yes.
  2. I use both. They work really well together. Expression is great for UI development. VS 2008 does incorporate a lot of the Expression Web functionality, though I still think Expression is a bit slicker for that. And then VS for the server-side coding.
  3. On the MS stack, I would say VS / Expression Web. For web development on other platforms, DW is still right up there.
1. Nice! But when I go to File -> New Website or Project, it does not allow me to change the .net framework to 2.0. How can I change it to .net 2.0?

And how is Expression Design 2, and does it blend or integrate nicely with VS 2008 or Expression Web 2; just like fireworks does with dreamweaver? Can this be the alternate to Fireworks or Photoshop?

Photoshop has a nice plugin called Site Grinder, which exports the entire PSD to html/css. It is W3C compliant and I herad it does a fabulous job. Does Expression Design have anything like this?