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Default Creating a view (Access Front end/SQL Back end)

I posted this on the SQL Server 2005 forum too, but the reply was a link to another website that was WAY above my head!

I am trying to create a view using the Query Designer in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express and do not know how to accomplish it. I need it based off of another view with columns CCNNumber & PartNumber.
For example I have these records...

09-0001 AO-1234
09-0001 MIO-5678
09-0001 SGO-9012
09-0002 MIO-1234
09-0002 MIO-9876
09-0003 ASO-1234

I want the view to generate the following....
09-0001 AO-1234; MIO-5678; SGO-9012
09-0002 MIO-1234; MIO-9876
09-0003 ASO-1234

I can accomplish this in the front end using VBA...but it is really slow due to the number of records it is working with; hence the reason I would like it to be in a view on SQL that I can link as a it will run much faster.

(I am not very fluent with SQL...I am self taught and have not had any training.)
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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