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I had the same exact problem and was able to fix it by using phpmyadmin
to look at the database "moviesite".

Use phpmyadmin and find the "moviesite" database. Browse that database and you should have three tables named movie, movietype, and people. Check all of them and empty those tables.

Now run the moviedata.php file again and it should attempt to fill in the tables again but this time with a clean slate.

I think the problem was that when I first ran moviedata.php I had errors in it that needed to be fixed. But, before that type or error in the file, the moviedata.php file ran and populated some of the tables. When I fixed the typo and went to run the moviedata.php file again, it tried to populate tables that already had fields filled in.

Hopefully clearing out the tables in the database before running moviedata.php should help.

I'm a beginner to all this, so any experts let me know if I'm accurately solving this issue.
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