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Exclamation Same problem, but using C#


I had the exact same problem as Kaisha, except I was using the C# version. Step 3 says:

At the top of Code Behind of the document add the following line of code if you are using Visual Basic .NET:

Imports System.Data
By trial and error, I discovered that my Code Behind required a similar addition:

using System.Data;
Only then would the "Try It Out" exercise work properly for me. If it means anything, I am using VWD 2008 Express Edition.

Was this step listed somewhere earlier in the book and I just missed it somehow? It was not stated on page 491.

Great book overall, by the way.

I'm mostly ASP Classic and a smidgen of PHP ~ completely clueless about .NET but trying to get past that in advance of a major conversion project at work.

Eddie McHam
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