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Originally Posted by Corsair View Post
Wouldn't you be able to overcome the security issue with a little extra code? Perhaps in the global.asax's Application_End? Just call Cache.Remove(key) for each item in the cache.

Or set an expiration on the data in the cache (going off the top of my head here; don't remeber the exact way to do that).

For me, unless the page is light on controls and/or data, I prefer to avoid ViewState, but that's just a personal preference. At least until someone convinces me solidly one way or the other. :)

Tim you are right, that is why I said that it is more of a preferred thing than a right vs wrong thing. I havent seen anything that is totally against it that had factual backing vs opionated backing.
That is the great thing about programming for Windows and the Windows platform altogether. There are multiple ways to do the same thing.
Have a good one.