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Default Sensor changes in 1.5?

Looking through the official SDK documentation, I started to get quite confused about changes. (Side note: is there some way to see when looking at the reference documentation which change goes with which version of the SDK? So far it looks like ... no? Yipes!)

A number of the sensor techniques used in Chapter 10 then will become deprecated, as near as I can tell. Specifically:

SensorListener: deprecated, replaced by SensorEventListener and (for orientation, at least) OrientationEventListener helper class

SENSOR_ORIENTATION is now all under the Sensor class?

I'm just trying to gradually port some sensor code to the 1.5 SDK. Think it may be time to root my phone rather than wait for Google, since testing sensors in an emulator isn't the same.

Any particular advice in making this change? Chapter 10 I think is one of the best chapters of this book, so of course it'd be great to update it with new code.
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