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Theoretically, or in practice??

Yes, theoretically.

In practice, very few (if any) webmasters would allow it.

Remember, for ASP to run *anything*, the "anything" has to run *ON THE WEBSERVER MACHINE*. And so your ASP page opens up the calculator. And so a window opens up on the screen *OF THAT WEBSERVER* machine. Thus annoying the **** out of the system admin of that system.

Plus, it would be an incredible pain to actually interface with the beast. There's no programmatic interface to it, so you'd have to write a custom interface to simulate keystrokes being sent to it. Plus plus plus...

I would guess that figuring out how to do all this would take you about 10 times as long as it would to write ASP code to perform any of the operations that calcultor is capable of. (Excepting only that it *is* capable of very high precision calculations...many more digits of accuracy than the DOUBLE data type of VBScript.)

In short: No.