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The culprit is your ASP page!
           Do While Now < dDate
                ' Nothing, but wait!
That is eating up 100% OF THE CPU during that loop.

So the webserver can *NOT* do ANYTHING else. Including even *start* processing the next ASP request. Your other XMLHTTP request.

I suppose if the webserver was a multi-cpu (multi-processor) machine, then it could be running multiple threads at the same time and then it might work. But maybe not. It's possible that IIS limits ASP to a single thread, just so that ASP can't hog all the processors. Dunno.

Try doing something in the ASP page that uses, say, a database query. Now there will be times when the DB is doing fetches off the disk and it will release the processor waiting for the I/O. Now your dual hits to the same page can run interleaved. Preferably do *different* things in the two calls, so that you aren't grabbing the same resources. Might not matter, but can't hurt.