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Originally Posted by nberardi View Post
What do you mean 1.0.4? Are you using somebody else branch build of the MVC Framework? Because it was released as version And there is really nothing to keep up with, just download the latest off Microsoft Download.

If you are using a different version that could be the reason for the problem.
I checked the properties on the mvc.dll and it says it's file version 1.0.40310.0. I downloaded it from Microsoft. I just didn't know if any of my VS updates or regular Windows updates included an update for MVC. But, it looks like that is not the case.

By the way, I also had a yellow exclamation mark on the references to both managedfusion files, which came up as build errors. It said it couldn't find the files. I removed the them and added the reference again and it was fine.

I bought the book already when it was first available. But, I am anxious to learn more about MVC and so I am trying to use the MVC professional book together with this code to figure it out.