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I also have multiple datacontext. I needed to use generics in the BLL classes as well to make them datacontext independent.

I am encountering issues with the baseEdit page and audit trail.

My ENTBaseEO is declared as
MustInheritClass ENTBaseEO(Of DC As {DataContext, New})
Inherits ENTBaseBO

and when I come to the base editPage I encounter the problem of having to specify the datacontext (which would not work of course so to solve the problem the edit page is a follows

PublicMustInheritClass BaseEditPage(Of T As {ENTBaseBO, New})
Inherits BasePage

I use the ENTBaseBO which is common to all

I am now encountering problems with the auding where for example the added mehtod "AuditAdd" to the ENTBaseEO is also context specific. (chapter 12 page 436)

So please, if you have had similar issues I would be grateful if you could share them