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Default Ch14;get Class not register error with Code Example

hi all, I just want to say the book is great. my previous programming experience is writing about a dozen powershell scripts but this book has really exposed me to alot of different things.

I got a question that has stumped me. Im using Visual Studio 2008 and I loaded the example project Ch14CreateDatabase (I've made no changes to the original program). This is the example mentioned in Ch 14, Page 406 about creating a database. I'm stepping through the program to watch the process flow and see what gets assigned to the variables. Inside of the program, if I click "File --> New", take the deafult DB name or enter a new name, I get a "Error: Class not register". I debug the program and step through and it generates the exception in the file clsDB.cs, Line 85. Here is a snippet of the code (Line 85 is myCat.Create(newDB))
ADOX.CatalogClass myCat = new ADOX.CatalogClass();
myCat = null;
my gut tells me the project is not setup properly but not sure what to do. any ideas?