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Default When should the ORDER_SHIP_DATE be calculated & displayed?

I am in Chapter 8, page 253, The SQL Statement - Creating a Database Trigger. It is this section when the Order Total is set as a trigger using the PL/SQL Code on pp. 250-259. and not displayed as in Figure 8-7, page 249.... Is that correct?

My master-detail page after completing the exercises, from the sections Entering the Validation Code and How It Works, pp.248-250 displays the following:

Buttons: For Edit Order Items: Cancel, Delete, Apply Changes. For Order Item Details only the Create Button is visible;

Items: For Edit Order Items: Customer Name- Name displayed, Date of Order has Calendar I selected and the Order Ship Date which is the coirrect Calculated Date. There are no fields displayed for Order Items Detail just the statement "No data found". At this point, I have a new Order and Order Ship Data but no Detail Order Items....until I Create them by clicking the Create Button.

Should not the Ship Date occur after you have an order complete with Detail Order Items and/or clicking the "Apply Changes" Button. Instead clicking the Edit icon of the newly created order, transfers you back to the master-detail page and an Order Ship date

Please explain...
Thanks In Advance
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