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Default Page 393,394 where is the GAC?where is the new directory?

1. On the page 393, you mentioned to register an assembly into the GAC, you simply need to drag the relevant.dll file into the GAC(located in the c:\winnt\assembly on Windows 2000 or c:\windows\assembly on Windows XP).
My question at this point, where is the GAC? I need to create a file - GAC, and do the rest the steps?

2.On the page 393, Gacutil Utility, What I should to type in after the Gacutil -i ?

3.On the page 394, 7. Open Windows Explorer and create the new directory that you specified in the previous step, if it doesn't exist, and the copy the InternetFavorites.dll into this directory. My question at this point is what is the exactly steps? I mean if I open the Windows Explorer, I will find the Developer Assemblies file, actually I could not find the Developer Assemblies?