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Default Awkward text and no clickable objects with GDI+

I want to draw geocache-like data on a map. The data is stored in a database and has coordinates in the 1st quadrant. The graphics object can be scaled to switch the y coordinate to draw in the device's 4th quadrant. Awkwardly, any text to write is upside-down and I found no way to get it upright again.
Has anybody a clue to do that ?
Secondly, a graphics object does not accomodate controls. So, you can not draw 'clickable' object. How do I get info of a poi drawn on the graphics object.
The pro for using graphics is its ability to defines scales and offsets. Handy when zooming and scrolling over the map. But it has to many con's to me at the moment. ... Has anybody good ideas to tackle this ?