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Originally Posted by DyerOppenheimer View Post
On what page in Chapter 5 has "TheBeerHouseDataContext" created? in order for this code to compile?
Read Chapter 4

Originally Posted by DyerOppenheimer View Post
Where in chapter 5 has the class "Iso3166CountryCodes" been defined?
Somethings had to be left out, because they would have broken the flow of the book and didn't really do much to further the understand of creating a website or using MVC. Specifically some things dealing with the complex understandings of internationalization and ISO codes. It would have taken us a good 5 pages explaining ISO codes and diving in to internationalization to understand a little couple line class dealing with Iso3166CountryCodes. Plus then we would have been stepping on the purpose of the Internationalization and Globalization chapter.

We tried our best to make the book flow and to keep building on what the reader understood, but a couple things just didn't belong where they were first used. Because as you are probably aware application development is usually not a linear exerscise. Often times you have to do a couple things up front that you really planned on tackling later on.

Hope you have enjoyed the book thus far.
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