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Default Where is the module installation error log?

When I screw up something in the .dnn file, the package installation can fail with something like this:
Install Resources Status Report

00:00:00.011 - Installing Optional Modules:
00:00:00.014 - Installing Package File TechInfoSystems.GalleryServerPro.install.v01.00.10 0.00: Error!
00:01:30.677 - Installing Optional Skins:
00:01:30.679 - Installing Optional Containers:
00:01:30.679 - Installing Optional Languages:
00:01:30.681 - Installing Optional Providers:
00:01:30.681 - Installing Optional AuthSystems:
00:01:30.682 - Installing Optional Packages:

Is there an installation log that may have more detailed information? If I step through the code, I can confirm that the AddFailure method is being called in Services\Installer\Log\Logger.vb. That tells me DNN *is* logging this information, but I can't figure out where.

Setup info:
* Using latest version of DNN (5.0.1 or 5.1)
* Using Code Endeavors DotNetNuke Templates to automatically create ZIP package after every build, such that I can invoke the URL http://localhost/dev/dnn/install/ins...stallresources to re-install my module after every build.