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Originally Posted by peace95 View Post
It is hard to say whether or not you skipped a step, but it is important that you compare your results with the Figures in the book, especially with Page 4, the Master-Detail. This page is reference through out the book. Also, refer to the Errata Sheet. How did you do on Reporting on Data from More Than One Table, pp. 81 - 85. This is reference in the Calculation section, pp.94-97. This is a long section and it is very easy to skip a step.

Let me know exactly the page and step where you run into a problem. I will try and assist you as much as I can.

Hope this helps.
regarding total for items...i found out i had to click one of the boxes underneath the sql (re pg 58)

this is not included in the steps

as for product id bieng editable ...i still don't know how i missed something. considering i redid all the steps for the master detail. and product id is till not ediatalbe

pgs 81-85 came out automatically when i redid the whole app. starting w/ pg 1 but i remember having all sorts of issues w/ that.