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Default Newsletter

I noticed in the newsletter system that you are storing the html version for both the html and plain text version. I created a seperate text area for plain text and stored them seperately. And, I thought I had a brilliant idea to us an if statement to use the html version if they selected that in their profile or plain text otherwise. But, then I realized, you're only sending one e-mail and bcc'ing everyone that subscribed. So, I'm thinking I need to create two seperate pages one to send the plain text one and one to send the html version. And, then I need to create a seperate method for sendplainnewsletter. Does that sound about right? Do you intend to add this feature in the next version?

Then I have a related issue. Even though I send the html version, I receive it as plain text with all of the html tags. Is there a setting in mailsettings that will tell the e-mail server to send it as html?