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Default scaling

Well, let me rephrase -- from a technical point of view, you'd scale okay. The database can handle it admirably. From a UX perspective, not so much. Users want to see a destination "stand still" if you will... if they got to blazers via men's clothing before, don't confuse them with some alternate route. You *might* get away with it if you only had two, but after that you're going to hit some problems.

It might also not scale from an editing/update perspective. Having a more complex set of categories that mix-n-match with subcategories might make it harder to determine, from a management perspective, which parts of your site need maintenance. For example, you might not intuitively know if it's time to take down subcategories under dresses because there's 27 of them. Or something. (Which might be counteracted by a policy that keeps the number down to some sane thing, which brings me back to, well, just have categories and subcategories in a single table.)

However, all that being said, yes, if I were to do some kind of "monthly special" or a "featured" item I'd probably add a field to a product, some kind of true/false switch, and then do something with that data--perhaps show it in a sidebar or on the home page or something like that. This approach gives me more flexibility.
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