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Lightbulb Error - IIS Account


I am using ASP and SQL Server , in the IIS directory security I am using an network account in the anonymous user, I have set the domain/username and sometimes very frequently i am getting the
DCOM Error "Reference Account cuurently being locked out and unable to logon by the Domain/user {GUID}" In the System log.

No one using this user Id to access....... I got this wiered error in the System log.....

I have some clarification upon the service account

If the Account is locked out whether we will able access any of the ASP Pages hosted on the IIS....


when we try to access the SQL Database getting Network error (dbnetlib connectionopen connect . sql server does not exist or access denied.) and at that time , the account might be locked ?

I am confused Here.... cause sometimes in the event viewer , we were able see system log "Reference account locked...." and sometimes in the Application log (dbnetlib connectionopen connect . sql server does not exist or access denied) sql Server.....

Please help me out with any work around or resolution

Mike deepak
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