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Originally Posted by Lee Dumond View Post
You are missing something. I think you're confusing the Page_Load of a user control with the Page_Load of a page.

In the host page life cycle, the ODS databinding takes place before the Page_Load of any user controls hosted in that page.
Uhm, are you sure about ODS data binding happening before Page_Load? If we add an ObjectDataSource with a Select method that returns an array of strings, a user control (.ascx) with a repeater that binds to the data source, and a page which added this user control, then the order of events is the following:

  MyObjectDataSource -> Init
UserControl -> Init
Page -> Init
Page -> Load
UserControl -> Load
MyObjectDataSource -> Load
Repeater1 -> DataBinding
MyObjectDataSource -> Selecting
MyObjectDataSource -> SelectMethod
Repeater1 -> DataBound
Thus UserControl.Load happens before MyObjectDataSource performs data binding. I’m probably (again) missing something very obvious?!

BTW - Nevermind my second question. I thought that ODS performs data binding on each postback, which apparently isn’t the case

cheers mate

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