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Default Could not load type 'WroxModules.GuestbookVB.EditGuestbookVB'

I'm getting the following error message when building the solution and a similar error message when inserting GuestbookVB on to a DNN webpage.

"Could not load type 'WroxModules.GuestbookVB.EditGuestbookVB'. D:\DotNetNuke511\DesktopModules\GuestbookVB\EditGu estbookVB.ascx" in line 1.
Line 1 of this file reads:
<%@Controllanguage="vb"Inherits="WroxModules.GuestbookVB.EditGuestbookVB"AutoEventWireup="false"Explicit="True"Codebehind="EditGuestbookVB.ascx.vb" %>

The same goes for ViewGuestBookVB, SignGuestbook, ViewSettings and Settings.

First part of the error message on the DNN webpage is:
"Error: Guestbook VB is currently unavailable.
DotNetNuke.Services.Exceptions.ModuleLoadException : Could not load type 'WroxModules.GuestbookVB.ViewGuestbookVB'."

I'm probably overlooking something simple.