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Default "Unknown error" message when trying to open table

   Greetings to you all.

   I have a problem with SQL Server 2000. When I try to open a table using the Enterprise Manager, I get a "Unknown error" message. I can execute queries using the Query Analyzer, but I can't do that with the Enterprise Manager.
   My problems started when I installed IBM Client Access in the PC. I got an error message, indicating that I couldn't execute the query because some files were missing or unregistered. After I registered the dll's again, as I saw in a Microsoft KB article, the error message changed, and now I get the laconic "unknown error" message.
   I tried to reinstall Client Access, but it had no effect. I uninstalled SQL Server and installed it again, but I'm still getting the same error.
   Can someone help me with this error, please? Any extra information you need, ask me, please. I used SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition, and the OS is Windows XP SP2.
   Many thanks in advance.
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