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Default Chpt. 12 - unable to configure modules using Start Kit


I'm wondering if anyone can offer any guidance on this. I'm following the instructions from Chpt. 12, on p. 368 'Developing with the Starter Kit.' However, I'm using C#. When I get to 'Set Project Properties' on p. 371, there is no option to set the 'Root Namespace field' to empty because there is no 'Root Namespace.' There's a Default Namespace which can't be deleted. Additionally, there is no 'Compile' tab to set the Build output path. However, it is displayed under the 'Build' tab.

At this point, I think my concern is setting the Root Namespace.

Unfortunately there's not much documentation on this, and what I've been able to find on the forums (DotNetNuke, MS, ASP.NET, etc...) is very minimal and doesn't help.

Perhaps I should just push forward and see how far I can get. Any help would be appreciated though.