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Default Thanks - Got it working

The trick here is to create a separate project and compile the BuildProvider as a .net .dll. Then in the ASP.NET website, that buildprovider .dll must be added as a reference...It seems that when you do that, it ends up going into the /bin folder (which I had added manually to the ASP.NET website).

There's not a description of those steps in the book...from the text it sounds like you would have the carbuildprovider.cs class in the app_code folder, but that will not work. The only thing related to the build provider in the app_code folder is the XML snippet that defines the car. You have to compile it and have it in the /bin folder. The screen shot (image 1-15 is helpful to look at, but in some ways it muddies the water by showing an app_data folder which I don't think is needed at all).