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Default Very Difficult to Follow - Anyone Agree?

This book is a dissapointment. While it succeeds in providing <i>some</i> theory behind the approach it takes in building a robust ASP.NET website, I really wanted a book that provided best practices in a comprehensive manner.

I've only been writing ASP.NET for about 6 months now, so I am far from an expert, but I feel that while I have not mastered it, I should be able to follow the code and techniques in this book more closely. While I do not doubt the soundness of how the authors are tackling each project, I must say that most of it went way over my head and this is rarely true of other Wrox Professional edition titles.

The pace of the book is very fast and many assumptions are left wide open, resulting in the feeling of being lost or behind. Some of the ambiguity becomes clarified dozens of pages later, but I found myself going back and forth to make sure that I got it.

I think that maybe if you are a seasoned C/C++ programmer, a lot of this may come a bit easier for you, but most ASP/ASP.NET programmers are quite new to advanced OO theory.

Am I alone here or does anyone agree?