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The inherits property is on each view page and defines the class that will be used to pass data into the view and back out. In the example you site the userInformation class in the Model is being used. If you check the UserController and look at the ForgotPassword ActionResult you will see that the veiw uses a new UserInformation. So an empty object from the UserInformation class is initially passed to the view.

The POST ActionResult for the ForgotPassword accepts two properties from the userInformation object used in the view, the user name and the secret Answer.

I agree that it is difficult to try and follow the book page by page and end up with working code like was possible with the previous version of this book. However, if you go through the book and with the source code at the same time it should become clear; and you will learn the material that much better for having to strive to understand it. It is a fine line that publishers and authors have to tread, make everything very explicit and the book has to many pages and costs to much to produce; and the reader doesn't learn the underlying principles as well since they are doing rote work. On the other hand if the book is not explicit enough it can be much harder to follow along or understand the principles which doesn't help generate sales. Overall I think this version of the book has erred on not being explicit enough; in some places it is not clear enough in others and to wordy in others, but I'm muddling through it non the less.


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