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I've calmed it down a little... If you know how to achieve the following you may be able to tame it ;)

I noticed something at the same time: If I can remove the gaps between the IFrames (that contain the pdf's, guestbooks, movies etc), then the only area that could cause scrolling would be thin pale green area, the secondary goal I was looking for (so taking out 2 birds with 1 stone)...

I'm such an amateur I've added so much miscellaneous CSS to try and remove these pixels it's surreal... so how can I do this?

Rakesh, thank you, you may now also notice the buttons (the 1st goal: the original on/off/ effect). How can these target the scrolling; please post script... again I've tried various "hmenu.onclick="wtf!" Please enlighten this rookie.

Sorry for delay in replies I enabled 'instant notification' I'm sure?!? I will just check website regularly in future.

Thanks again.

P.S. Sorry for forum category I just read the first four letters hehe.