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Default Navigation Heading = how to make not "current"

I have multiple workspaces within a site. In the left navigation band I have set the default workspace page (index.aspx) as a heading (e.g. SiteX) and added links to the individual pages within that site under the heading (e.g. SiteXpage1)

It looks like this:

+ SiteX

+ SiteZ

For some reason the SiteX heading remains ACTIVE when the user has clicked on one of the SiteX pages - so both are ACTIVE (greybackground/blue bold font, not clickable). This same behavior does not happen for SiteZ.

It looks like this when you are on SizeXpage1:
+ SiteX

I have compared all the settings between the two sites and can not find what is causing this. If I remove the heading, the links continue to work. The site main page works as a link in the naviation, it's when I make it a heading that has this behavior.

Any ideas what I need to change to get this work work correctly?

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