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Exclamation problems with my ajaxmail

Dear jmcpeak. I am having problems when trying to use ajaxmail. My code is recently downloaded.
MySQL 5.1.40
IIS 5.1
PHP 5.3 (fresh installation)

I am trying to get the e-mails from a gmail account.
I updated the config.ini.
I am also changed the port for 995 at line 13 from the code pop3.class.
I've done the same (465) at line 30 from the code class.smtp.
I also updated the json code from your message (march).
With all that, when using the ManageDB or AjaxMailAction I receive the HTTP 500 general error message which does not help me much.
I am not an expert in programming. Would you have some clues for my problem?
Tks a lot.
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