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Default me too :-)

Ya, me too. :-/

I did some android before and I wanted to try to jump start to get to the next level -- so I bought this book. I had 1.5 and 1.6 -- and, of course, 2.0 comes out so I want to get up to date and dl it -- and then start the book. Now the code examples are riddled with out of date items -- screens, layouts and options are significantly changed. It's so bad, it's almost tempting to downgrade... but then I'll be getting familiar with old info.

I've managed to bang my head through all the issues I've had so far, and, in doing so, learn the changes and what to look for in the new versions, etc. However, even with that, the code and layout in the book -- TO ME -- seems extremely fragmented and totally random.

I'm now trying to add the menus to the todo projects. I've got the java code in, but where does the drawable resource xml go? I don't have just one drawable, it looks like I have low, medium and high... I have the X and + drawables in the ldpi -- but there doesn't seem to be any xml associated with it. I assume I'll have to make a drawable under values. YET -- the code in the book seems to assume that this should already be working
at this point. I went back to chapter 2 to see if I missed some XML editing there -- but I can't seem to find anything. I've gone over chapter 4 and I can't seem to find any XML etc. Fine, I'll take a few guesses, and then try a few searches, etc. (back now) -- seems that gets (auto) generated, so I can look in the gen/r.Java and see what the system THINKS in there. I see the name of my lpdi image, so I changed the name in the code to match what the R gen has... now it seems to work.

Page 101 -- "For Example" ... "creatively labeled /Submenu/ from Figure 4-5, its" ... I don't have anything that says "Submenu" in figure 4-5. 4-5 says: menu item 5, 6, 9, checkbox, radiobutton 1, 2, 3 (Menu+a) ... etc.

It's all very confusing.

I downloaded the code. I've whacked the ... but the code for chapter 4 doesn't have menus in it. *ARGH*

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