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Default Chapter 16 - Accessing Databases error

Error message:
Could not retrieve schema information for table or view

i am doing the first part of chptr 16, no code is being written..
pg 546 try it out

I get the above error msg when I try to make the actual connection to the access database.. I can test the connection ok.. I can preview the data ok..
but when I try to populate the datagrid, it is blank...
I have downloaded the northwinds database multiple times...
I created a database - to eliminate the possible of a corrupt downloaded file.. and I get the same error...

Can you please explain how I can correct this error...
I did search the error.. and I can find no exact match. but a few close ones..
and they are all making repairs with lengthy code entries...

on a side note... when I download your chapter 16 code.. it runs...

This would not be funny, but, I am writing NO CODE.. to qoute your book
pg 548
<At this point you have not written a single line of code to achieve these results>

Seeing how I am new to this, I hope I provided enough detailed info to help you arrive at a working conclusion that will help me....

thank you
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