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Default Book Binding Problem, or Something Else. Chapter 1 Is Missing!

Just got this book for Christmas and was a little surprised to not find a table of contents, or chapter 1. The first page after the inside cover is page 69 in chapter 4. It continues through page 116 in chapter 5, then jumps to page 21 in chapter 2. The book continues as normal, including a repeat of pages 69-116.

I don't know anything about book binding, but I imagine that several smaller chunks of the book are actually printed, then they're stacked in order and the cover is glued on. I think I got two copies of the third chunk, one in its normal place and one stuck at the beginning.

Has this happened to anyone else? Are there Wrox moderators in here? Not sure what to do. I've been waiting for this book for a while and would like to start reading it from the beginning :)