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Default Deployment Disaste

Well, I've spent my whole 2 weeks christmas holiday working on my web site. When I sit back, think the hard work is done and set about deploying it, everything just goes totally wrong.

1.When I copy my web site to another folder on my local machine and run it the CSS files in the themes aren't being applied correctly.

2.When I set the web site as the default web site in IIS it can't find the databases. I've tested the connection strings and even tried allowing the user groups 'EVERYONE' permission to the root folder containing the web site.

3. So I decide to upload to the ftp site of my host: my package doesn't support MSSQL databases. So i need to upgrade.

The problem is that for 5 databases I need to choose the top package. A bit extreme when my site has 5 super small databases and a total storage capacity of 13mb.

So now I am left wondering how I can convert my small databases into one database and choose a lesser hosting package.

It's been a total disaster. Anyone who can help would be my saviour. Thanks