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Default ftp upload


Once again thanks for that, I am only working on my own business site so I do have a clean inetpub to host the test server. I do not know if you noticed I had a number of posts under different topics, the site definition questions I asked was to check if they were interfering with my dsn less Access database connection. Still working on that.

What I did want to ask you though, you touched on FTP upload to westnet. I did have the site uploaded, I just copied and pasted from my browser to the remote wwwroot folder via my MS Internet Explorer. Westnet did not reccomend this although it did work. They reccomended dowloading their ftp program or editing through a net based ftp program.

I wanted to have my site defination correct and then use the FTP put button. Problem is every time I try Dreamweaver crashes!

Any thoughts

Leonard P.O'Grady