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Hi Old Pedant and Imar,
Thank you both for trying to help. I have been flat out on this site all day, I started using this forum after I attempted to get my failing log in page working. The first post I attempted was long detailed with a lot of topics I thought might be causing me grief. When I tried to post the thread it failed. Frustrated I broke it up in small parts and ended up with 10 strings that were hard to understand. (Sorry Imar.)
I will take your advice Imar and update DW as it has not been done for some time. Old pedant I agree DW seems as old as me at 51 but it is the only web development platform I know so I will stick with it for now. I uploaded the site using my host providers web based FTP platform. I have changed files and folders around today as some of my rollover images and their links were failing.
When I finished this I noticed the only .asp document that wont work is, you guessed it the log in page online.asp I am shifting all .asp files to the same level as the default.asp because I thought I might have file sharing problems with the folders. In a nut shell the only link or .asp file I can not get working is online.asp Here is my live web address
In the middle of the page is a green rollover image Judicial Management System, click that a new page opens, click the rollover image 3rd from left (log in) the file is online.asp
Do you know what the default failure page means?
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