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Well, "online.asp" is getting a 500 error, which *is* an ASP problem of some kind.

But I can't begin to guess exactly what the problem might be.

I think you need to show your code for that page. Then we can show you where to put in some debug code and how to avoid the 500 error while debugging.

Briefly, though, you do something like this:
' for lines that can't cause errors, just leave them in as normal:
Set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
' but then "protect" lines that might cause an error so you can find out if they are doing so:
On Error Resume Next
    conn.Open "...your connection string..." ' easy to cause error with bad connection string
On Error Resume Next
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
    Response.Write "Error opening connection: " & Err.Number & ", " & Err.Description
    Response.End ' then stop!  So you get the message instead of a 500 error
End If
... continue like this to next vulnerable spot ...
Now, exactly where you slip in stuff like that with DW-generated code is the challenge. DW code is often obscure and poorly organized, so it becomes almost an art form.

Good luck!

p.s.: And quit bragging about being so young. Grumble. <grin style="but true"/>
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